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Will Travel for Lattes is based in North Texas, where I currently live with my husband and our three children. I started this blog as a way to share my love of adventure, food and coffee. My hope is to inspire you to explore the world around you, near and far, and to try new things.

TRAVELER:  For as long as I can remember I have loved to go on adventures, whether in my own backyard or in another state or country. I think I get that from my Dad, who was always taking us somewhere new. My family has had the opportunity to experience living in four different states including Texas, California, Colorado and North Carolina. Each place, the people we met and the adventures we had, have shaped who I am in many different ways and I feel incredibly lucky to have called those places home.

READER:  Growing up without a TV in the house did wonders for my imagination. If I wasn’t outside playing, you could usually find me reading. I have never been one to enjoy shopping, but I would be perfectly happy to spend hours in a bookstore. There is nothing quite like holding a new book, with a beautiful cover, in your hands. My most read book of all time is Wait Till Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn. I read that book a grand total of seven times as a kid!

PHOTOGRAPHER:  My interest in photography began as a kid, taking photos of my sister in and around our house. We hung up bed sheets as backdrops, and scoured the house for anything we could use as props. I’m not totally sure why she put up with me and my big ideas, but she did. Fast forward a few years and I am still interested in what makes a great photo, always looking for the best angle and lighting.

FOODIE:  Believe it or not I was a fairly picky eater as a kid, but somewhere along the way that kid became more adventurous with food. Now I thrive on good food and coffee, always preferring scratch-made and local over mass-produced. Nothing, well almost nothing, is more exciting than finding a local restaurant or shop serving up something amazing. As much as I love dining out, I also enjoy cooking at home. I get bored having the same thing to eat again and again, so you won’t find me using a weekly rotating menu. I am always on the hunt for new and mouth-watering recipes to try! Currently my favorite cookbook is Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines.


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Favorite Travel Spot:  London

Can’t Live Without:  A good latte

Must Have Accessory:  Sunglasses

Best Advice:  Be a kind human

Describe yourself in one Word:   Foodie

Favorite Season:  Fall

Oh Darling, Let's be adventurers.