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Will Travel for Lattes is a female travel blog focused on inspiring and encouraging women to explore the world.

I create custom travel itineraries for individuals and families interested in a curated travel experience. In addition to general travel planning, I also create specialized heritage travel and world schooling travel itineraries. All of these services are available for travel within the United States and the United Kingdom. Additional countries coming soon!

I am also available for partnerships with tourism boards and brands that provide genuine value to my readers. Media kit available upon request.

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Whether you represent a tourism board, travel company, property or product, I can help market your brand. If you are interested in working together please send your request to

A woman and her young son, shown from behind, holding hands as they walk through a train station in London, United Kingdom.

Custom Travel Itineraries

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to travel planning? Or maybe you simply do not enjoy the process? I would love to help you create your perfect itinerary! I offer custom travel itineraries within the United States and the United Kingdom. Please contact me at to get the process started.

A young woman smiling at the camera as she swings around a pole by her arm in front of Sally Lunn's in Bath, United Kingdom.

Specialized Travel

If you are interested in custom travel itineraries curated around your own personal heritage, or world schooling, I offer these travel planning services within the United States and the United Kingdom. Please contact me at for details.

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